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There are more events in Ecclesfield Library, you can click here to see past events in the village, see our 2016 City Council Election results, or our 2017 General Election results.

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There will be other local news in the "Ecclesfield/Chapeltown page" of The Star, and possibly in Thursday's LookLocal, (copies of which can be picked up at Anush on St. Mary's Lane, Le Petit Cafe, Leverton's Bakery, Ecclesfield Library, or Mill Road Doctors).

There are also some maps of traffic in Ecclesfield and District.

Click the following for still more local groups, or go to pages on health, government, recycling, Royal Mail collection times, grants for voluntary groups car recovery and breakdown services in Ecclesfield, or Air pollution or Latitude, Longitude, Height, Wind and Solar energy at a particular Postcode.

For photographs, comments and opinions, and to add information of interest to people in Ecclesfield Village, See

There is also a list of the web sites for Villages near Ecclesfield, and a list of shelters in Sheffield

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